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  • Natural Patina Zinc countertops - high quality, lasting value.
  • Zinc Countertops A classic becomes contemporary. Find out why Mio Metals makes so many zinc countertops.
  • Zinc adds atmosphere to many wine tasting rooms and other hospitality venues.
  • Taste Call us at 888-530-7630 for a design consultation.
  • Quality We have over 30 years' experience with zinc.
  • Design Ideas Warm kitchens with zinc. Often called a "living metal," zinc adds a unique look.

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  • Zinc Safety
  • Care & cleaning
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Zinc Safety

Zinc is a natural element critical to human health and it can be found in many foods and multivitamins. How safe is it when used as a surface material in your home, restaurant or business?

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zinc countertop care and cleaning

Zinc Care and Cleaning

Care and cleaning of zinc is a complicated conversation. Start with the terms: patina, aging, distressed, mottled. It's a unique language, but let's focus on two important concepts: "clean" and "polished."

There's a big difference and here's why...

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zinc island top with rivets used finish

How does it look with use?

We hear this question daily and we have a wide variety of answers because it is all based on how you use it and where it is installed. An outdoor kitchen near an ocean will look a lot different than a climate-controlled, heavily used restaurant bar. Either way, be prepared for a dynamic finish that changes frequently.

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