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Zinc Countertops

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Zinc Countertop Pricing

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Zinc Appearance and Expectations


Understanding what to expect with zinc as a countertop surface is critical for end-users and specifiers. It is an ever-changing finish but the character is the constant. Like a well-lived leather duffle, zinc surfaces gather spots, marks and other signs of use. Your countertops will hold memories of your home on the surface and will continue to evolve with use.

Water, fingertip oils, citrus, tomato-based foods, seaside air - all of these play a role in what your countertop will look like. With regular use, a matte finished countertop will gain a living patina within 30 days - this is the best way to let the zinc react in YOUR environment.

Patinas can be applied in our workshop so your zinc countertop begins with an established color, but patinas are NOT permanent - zinc is a reactive metal so let the science happen. The patinas are an additional charge and are not covered by our warranty.

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Zinc Countertop Edges


This is where you can customize your look. The finish may be ever-changing, but the edge profile is there to stay.

Zinc countertops are made with 1.5" thick edges, but we can modify that if there is an edge profile that you would prefer. All of our edges can be made for a residential kitchen, with our Premium Profiles most common. 

Visit the Edge Profiles page for the current list.

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Sustainable Kitchen Countertops


Natural resource conservation - Zinc, like most metals, can be melted down, reformed and reused over and over again endlessly. The wood substrates we use of for our zinc countertops are FSC-certified plywood that provide a stable structure for decades, increasing the lifespan of your zinc countertop.

Reduced energy - Zinc is a soft metal that can be cut and formed with hand or foot-operated tools. Plus, we solder our corners and other areas which uses less energy than welding. We make them easy to assemble by your local crew so our staff doesn't need to travel unnecessarily - further reducing our carbon footprint.

Recycling - When your zinc countertop has reached its end of life, recycling is easy. If they have our logo burned into the underside of the wood, ship them back for recycling, or we can help you find local recyclers. The metal can be separated from the wood and recycled, and the wood can be allowed to break down naturally.

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Zinc Countertop Care


Wash your zinc countertop with a soft cloth and mild soap or the abrasive side of a sponge and spray cleaners. Ammonia, bleach and other harsh chemcials have an adverse reaction to zinc, so use the rule of thumb: if the cleaner hurts your skin when you use it, don't use it. Daily cleaning of your countertops is recommended and mild dish soap and a soft cloth or sponge is sufficient. Please read more to make sure you are comfortable with the difference between "clean" and "polished."

Learn more about the care and cleaning of zinc bar tops here.