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zinc with rivets finish used

How does it look with use?

We hear this question daily and we have a wide variety of answers because it is all based on how you use it and where it is installed. An outdoor kitchen near an ocean will look a lot different than a climate-controlled, heavily used restaurant bar. Either way, be prepared for a dynamic finish that changes frequently.



See how zinc reacts with wine, yogurt, salsa, lemons and metal polish.

Which one do you think makes the fastest reaction?


Typical Residential Kitchen

Be ready for spots to appear on the zinc countertops within the first few weeks of use. Usually the first marks will occur near work areas such as the sink or cooktop. As spots form, they will eventually overlap and form a mottled charcoal look. Frequency of cleanings, minerals in the water and type of use will all play a role in how it looks in your kitchen. All of the countertops on this page began with a matte finish.
residential zinc kitchen

zinc restaurant bar

Restaurant or Bar

With heavy use and frequent cleanings, a week or two of use will make the bar top look like it has been there for decades. People can't resist touching it since it is smooth like stone yet looks like concrete. The best part is that zinc is non-porous.
Outdoor zinc bar

Exterior Use

If used near an ocean where it will be in salty air, expect a white coating to oxidize on the surface of the zinc. This is zinc's way of protecting itself. With heavy use and frequent cleaning, as in most hospitality settings, this coating is not likely to form. In dryer air, such as the Rocky Mountain outdoor bar pictured, the zinc surface will age with class and natural beauty.