Welcome to Zinc Countertops.Net by Mio Metals

We have been covering counters in zinc for many years and we can help you get the zinc countertop you want.

Copperworks/Mio Metals has been creating range hoods and countertops in Zinc, Brass, Stainless Steel (hoods only) and, of course. Copper since 1981.

We have a growing list of installers and would like to find more experienced countertop installers to partner with us. Click here for the application.

We are now offering our edging only! Call 888-530-7630 for available styles.

There are a few primary things to focus on when ordering zinc countertops - how much experience does the company have crafting zinc countertops? Do they use lead-free solder, leaded solder or welding? Will they be around to stand behind their work?

Here's the basic overview:

1. We build plywood subtops based on your dimensions and plans.

2. We cover the subtops in Zinc (or other metal) and bond the metal to the wood.

3. Finishing in a non-directional matte pattern is the best to prepare the metal for use. You will see it react to your situation and environment within days.

4. After inspection, we package them in a wooden crate and ship them to you. Or, if you are in Northern California, you can pick them up in our shop.