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Zinc Bar Tops

Zinc bar tops by Mio Metals are easy to install and look great in any design - from contemporary chic to rustic ranch to luxurious retail. Our zinc bars are custom made in California and shipped to your door. Sections of zinc are laminated to wood substrates that bolt together for easy installation. Learn about our pricing, appearance and the options for our commercial bar tops in zinc. Or, consider our sister websites: or

Whatever the theme for your bar, zinc can be your bar top. Mio Metals has made zinc bar tops for luxury casinos in Las Vegas, rustic brew pubs, and even the college bar. Durable, recyclable and well made, the zinc bars from Mio Metals provide for a long lasting surface with an ever-changing finish.

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Bar Top Pricing

Pricing is a common question and we even have a video about it. Pricing of zinc bar tops is based on the work invovled - radius corners, drink rails, and size are some of the factors that affect the price. If you have a drawing, we can get you a price within 1 business day - sometimes within 1 hour.
Just fill out an Estimate Request, and you can upload your drawings. 
In the meantime, the price range is usually between $120 - $180 per square foot. We do not install, but ship ready to assemble sections. Call us at 888-530-7630 for more information.
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Appearance Expectations


Understanding what to expect with zinc in a bar environment is critical. It is an ever-changing finish and character is the constant. Like a well-lived leather duffle, zinc bar tops show memories of past conversations, moments and events. This is where they are interacting with your built environment - make it memorable.

Water, fingertip oils, citrus, tomato-based foods, seaside air - all of these play a role in what your bar top will look like. With regular use, a matte finished bar will gain a living patina within 30 days - this is the best way to let the zinc react in YOUR environment.

Patinas can be applied in our workshop so your Day 1 begins with an established color, but they are NOT permanent - zinc is a reactive metal so let the science happen. The patinas are an additional charge and may not be the best fit for a well-used public bar.

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Edge Profiles


This is where you control the style of your zinc bar top. The finish may be ever-changing, but the edge profile is there to stay.

Commercial zinc bar tops usually have a 2" to 3.5" front edge, but our 405 edge looks great with a 6" apron. Other options include drink rails, flip doors, and matching shelves. Upload your drawings with our Estimate Request form now!

We have a wide selection of bar top edges - visit our Edge Profiles page for the current list.

Some popular edges to consider for bar tops: 402, 408 and the 403. The "B" edge is the most economical and quickest edge to produce if you are under a time constraint.

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Sustainable Bar Tops


Natural resource conservation - Zinc, like most metals, can be melted down, reformed and reused over and over again endlessly. The wood substrates we use of for our zinc bar tops are FSC-certified plywood that provide a stable structure for decades, increasing the lifespan of your zinc bar top.

Reduced energy - Zinc is a soft metal that can be cut and formed with hand or foot-operated tools. Plus, we solder our corners and other areas which uses less energy than welding. We make them easy to assemble by your local crew so our staff doesn't need to travel unnecessarily - further reducing our carbon footprint.

Recycling - When your zinc bar has reached its end of life, the sections can be unbolted easily. If it has our logo burned into the wood substrates, ship them back for recycling, or we can help you find local recyclers. The metal can be separated from the wood and recycled, and the wood can be allowed to break down naturally.

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Bar Top Care


Wash your zinc bar top with a soft cloth and mild soap or the abrasive side of a sponge and spray cleaners. Ammonia, bleach and other harsh chemcials have an adverse reaction to zinc, so use the rule of thumb: if the cleaner hurts your skin when you use it, don't use it.

Learn more about the care and cleaning of zinc bar tops here