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Pricing Information

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Watch our video for pricing information for residential or commercial surfacing.


Here's the story on pricing: the price per square foot can vary greatly and there are a few reasons. Primarily, it comes down to labor, shipping, and how many details are spread across how many square feet of countertop. We can create a quote for you with rough dimensions - just call us at 888-530-7630.

For example: A countertop that is 24" deep is about the same amount of labor as one that is 18" deep. Thus, the 18" deep countertop will have a higher per square foot cost than the 24" deep countertop (same labor spread out over more square feet). 

Likewise, if we are finishing around an opening for an undermount sink, that work adds to the cost and changes the price per square foot greatly.

Therefore, we like to give the best price on the internet based on a project configuration rather than a standard price per square foot. Just call us at 888.530.7630, fax a drawing to 707-762-9090, or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will be happy to provide a price. In the meantime, below are a few common applications and their prices.

Residence 1 - L-Shape

    • Drop-in sink cutout
    • "B" edge, 1.5" tall
    • 3 sections, 2 of them bolt together
    • Matte finish

$3,868 including shipping, handling & insurance


Residence 2 - Kitchen Island

  • No cutouts
  • No surface seams (under 44" in one direction)
  • Edge style "402", 3" tall
  • 1 section with 12" overhang


$4,799 including shipping, handling & insurance


Commercial bar 1 - Full rectangle

  • Flip door, hinge hardware by others (not included)
  • 8 sections that bolt together
  • 1 stand alone ADA section
  • Edge style "402", 3" tall
  • 32.5 feet of drink rail

$13,920 including Shipping, handling & insurance

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